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Our Project Highlight this month
Project name: Babcock Residence

Builder: Van Osch & Co.

Materials used from Pinwheel:
Agepan DWD exterior Sheathing
Ampack: Tapes: Ampacoll INT, Ampacoll XT, Ampacoll RS
Zehnder ComfoSystem (Not yet installed)

Ian Van Osch recently completed the construction of a prefabricated building shell. They were able to achieve their goal of building a healthy and energy efficient shell (passive house) using products by Agepan and Ampack. The DWD sheathing by Agepan allows for the construction of panels that are very rigid, withstand the pressure of blown in cellulose, are vapour open and stand up to the exertions of transportation. The panels had been prefabricated off-site and out of the elements and the entire shell was assembled on site during the winter. Ampack tapes were used in order to create an air- and wind tight shell. Ampacoll INT has been used on OSB on the inside, and Ampacoll XT on the outside. Ampacoll RS butyl rope was used to seal the panels to the foundation.

Building the Shell

Walls are prefabricated and completed in the shop ready for transport.

On Route to the Site

The walls once completed are loaded on the truck and head to the construction site.


The walls (shell) are installed on site. This makes the job move much quicker in any weather.


The builder makes each project unique

Walls are Installed

The project is now well on its way to completion

These are the products that were used:

Ampacoll INT: Construction tape for overlaps and/or edge connections on strips and panel-type construction materials, or for airtight masking of any type of feed-through (protrusion/penetration), always on flat surfaces indoors.

Ampacoll XT: Tear-proof system adhesive tape (60 mm wide). The only adhesive tape for INTERNAL and EXTERNAL use with a long-term history. The acrylic adhesive is applied on one side only and is specially optimised for outdoor applications.

Ampacoll RS: Self-adhesive round cord made from high-quality butyl rubber. Air-tight jointing of pre-produced concrete elements or precise building components, with a gap width up to 7 mm.

Agepan DWD: Agepan 5/8" DWD Protect High Perm exterior sheathing for double stud or deep cavity walls. Prevent mold and rot due to cold sheathing and condensation build-up in high R walls.


What are your thoughts about this project? Do you have any questions? Please comment below.




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