Agepan DWD protect - high perm sheathing

  • $1,380.00

Prevent mold and rot due to cold sheathing and condensation build-up in high R walls.


Agepan 5/8" DWD Protect High Perm exterior sheathing for double stud or deep cavity walls

  • Large 4 sided tounge & groove joints mean panels "float over framing" and join anywhere. No need to join panels at framing.
  • High permeability (18 US Perms) promotes "drying to the exterior" for cold climate walls when used in a vented rainscreen applications (3/4" gap required).
  • Integrated WRB: wax impregnation deflects bulk water and allows additional WRB membranes to be left off.
  • Special tounge and groove joint stops the weather and "windwashing".
  • Check your proposed assembly with WUFI.




Notes: Minimum 3/4” battened & vented rain screen gap required. Exterior wall sheathing does not require additional WRB. Apply with box nails or staples for initial set then follow with screw from exterior batten face into framing with minimum 1 -1/2” penetration into framing. Can NOT be used for shear and lateral loads. We advise consulting your project engineer to ensure all loads are properly accounted for.

The AGEPAN ® DWD protect the N + F is a dry-process fiberboard with all-round tongue and groove profile, which corresponds to the DIBt approval Z-9.1-382 and DIN EN14964. As the inventor of the DWD board, we have optimized the inside surface and protect it from the dangers of factory excessive new moisture. AGEPAN ® DWD protect N + F can be used for reinforcing roof panels in accordance with DIN V ENV 1052:2008-12 bzw.DIN 1995-1-1 used with NAD and complies with its water-repellent properties to the requirements of ZVDH for shortfalls.