Ampacoll BK 535 - Butyl Rubber Construction Tape

  • $26.25

Sleeve formed by hand. Adhesive on one side of highly-flexible butyl rubber strip for durable, simple sealing of wood-based panels and penetrations through vapour checks and barriers, as well as rafters, purlins, vapour pipes, etc. Use a primer if necessary!

  • Elastic – can be formed in three dimensions
  • The sleeve that always fits
  • Highly flexible – moves with the structural element

Base material: Butyl rubber
Color: Blue
(Carton content, long rolls: 4 rolls = 60 m)
Thickness: 2 mm
Elasticity: >300%
Processing temperature: from 0 °C
Temperature resistance: -40 to +90 °C
Resistance to aging: >20 years
Storage: cool and dry
Shelf-life: 2 years
Natural weathering time: 3 months