Ampacoll FE-Window Installation Tapes

  • $607.50

Modified acrylic adhesive with thread inlay on synthetic fibre paper. Adhesive tape with adhesivefree intermediate space and sectioned pull-off liner made of tear-proof polyethylene foil. The ideal adhesive tape for airtight taping in the window area.

  • No adhesive in the window cavity
  • Split, removable liner
  • For external window installation, use the system product Ampacoll® XT 60              mm, double slit

  • Data sheet Ampacoll FE (Click to download data sheet)

    Cartons content 10 rolls = 250 m
    Thickness 0.3 mm
    Processing temperature from -5 °C
    Temperature resistance

    -30 to +90 °C

    Resistance to aging >20 years
    Storage cool and dry
    Shelf-life 2 years