Ampatex DB 90 - Vapour Barrier Membrane

  • $432.00

Double layer, tear-resistant vapour check and airtight layer made of thermoset continuous fi bres with PP fi ll layer (100% polypropylene). The membrane is made of high quality PP and contains no plasticisers. The standard moisture barrier for all roof and wall construction. Also suitable for cellulose insulation.

  • Standard for roof and wall constructions
  • Compatible with all conventional heat insulation materials
  • Keeps its shape
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Does not attract dust
  • BBA Certificate No 15/5226

Data sheet Ampatex DB 90 (Click to download datasheet)


Technical data

Dimensions (small roll) 1,5 m x 100 m = 150 m2 (1,614 sqft)
Dimensions (wide roll) 3 m x 50 m = 150 m2 (1,614 sqft)
sD-Value  20 m
Micro value 68'800
Watertightness passed at 2 kPa
Thickness 0,33 mm
Weight 90 g/m2
Fire behavior E, EN 13501-1
Overlap width 10 cm


Tear resistance

longitudinal 160 N/5 cm
transverse 160 N/5 cm


Tear elongation

transverse 30%
transverse 30%


Tear resistance (nail shank)

longitudinal 200 N
transverse 200 N