Ampatop Aero - Air Barrier Membrane

  • $181.13

Triple-layer, extremely tear-proof PP fleece with coating. Wind-proof and can be taped securely against rain; highly permeable to vapour. Available in widths of 1,5 m and 2,8 m, with and without integrated tape. Roof and wall air barrier membrane.

  •  Printed-on cutting and orientation aid
  • Withstands driving rain and is windtight
  • Anti-slip on both sides
  • Vapour open

Data sheet Ampatop Aero (Click to download data sheet)

Dimensions 50m x 1,5m = 75m2
Color Black
sD-Value 0,04 m
Resistance to water penetration W1, DIN EN 1928:2001

145 g/m2

Fire behavior E, EN 13 501-1
Overlap width 10 cm
Natural weathering time 3 months
Minimum roof pitch

10 °


Tear resistance

longitudinal 240 N/5 cm
transverse 180 N/5 cm



Tear elongation

longitudinal 65%
transverse 40%


Tear resistance (nail shank)

longitudinal 145 N
transverse 185 N


Resistance to ageing passed