Ampacoll RS (6mm) - Self-Adehesive Butyl Gasket

  • $16.56

"Caulking on the Roll"

Self-adhesive round cord made from high-quality butyl rubber. Air-tight jointing of precisely-fitted wall elements in wood-framed buildings, or edge connections between vapour checks and brick. 

  • For building component connections with uneven surfaces
  • For making connections on highly structured bases
  • Ideal in joist areas

 Data sheet Ampacoll RS (Click to download data sheet)


Technical data

    Base Material: Butyl rubber
    Color: Blue
    Roll Dimensions: 6mm x 8m
    Cartons Content: 10 rolls = 80m
    Processing Temperature: from 0 °C
    Temperature Resistance: -40 to +90 °C
    Resistance to Aging: >20 years
    Storage: cool and dry
    Shelf Life: 2 years
    Natural weathering time: 3 months